About me

Mathijs Voordenberg

Creativity starts with having a clear strategy.


Although creativity and strategy are often approached as two different fields I like to combine the two in my work. So I don’t see myself as a pure strategist or as a pure creative, but rather as a creative strategist (or, strategic creative if you prefer).


I started out eight years ago as a filmmaker. Beginning in production, I soon moved into writing concepts for promotional films for clients including the Anne Frank House, NIBC, AkzoNobel and Booking.com.


In addition to my work as a filmmaker / art director, I was the strategist and online marketeer in my start-up OppasStudent (www.oppasstudent.nl). I’ve since helped numerous other companies with their marketing, branding and YouTube channels.


My idea of a perfect project is one where I can combine my strategic insight with my creativity. Whether that’s for a new online strategy, a video campaign or the set up of a YouTube channel.


Skills: YouTube strategy, Content strategy, Online analytics, SEO, Content production