NIBC – Corporate movie

Known as the entrepreneurs’ bank, NIBC is always looking for ways to innovate, and to be seen doing so . This was my first project with them.


Brief: Produce a corporate video that would compliment, and present highlights from, the 2015 Annual Report.


I came up with a concept that would make use of NIBC’s newly renovated offices, which they are very proud of, as a backdrop to present key figures from the annual report. Even the most attractive offices are not always the most photogenic spaces, so I opted to shoot with steady-cam and use animations toadd interest and provide a more ‘contemporary’ feel.


NIBC’s corporate identity was a good fit for the chosen style of video and so the animations where created from this basis.

We opted for a non-native english voiceover to give a nod to the Dutch heritage of the bank.


Concept and Artdirector: Mathijs Voordenberg
Camera: Tim van Dorp
Director: Pim de Vries
Design: Barend Witscht
Copywriter: Robyn Grafton
Animations: Hunter Bussemaker
Accountmanagement: Limelights