OppasStudent – Corporate Strategy

Oppas Student, is the largest student babysitter network in The Netherlands.


Brief: Help OppasStudent grow by defining a new corporate strategy


OppasStudent was started in 2009 as an offline service which matched parents needing a babysitter to students who wanted to babysit. In order to be able to grow and at the same time cut costs, a better business model and some repositioning was needed. Within half a year we changed OppasStudent from an offline service to an online service. In this proces I was responsible for developing the new corporate strategy as well as leading the development of the website and new corporate identity.



With the change of the business model, the site was able to go from covering only Amsterdam and Utrecht to being available all over the Netherlands. We were able to streamline the service and create an additional revenue stream by implementing a web-based matching process, with an exclusive personal matching service available for a premium. Most importantly we were able to successfully grow the business while still maintaining its personal feel, one of the unique qualities.


Strategy: Mathijs Voordenberg
Designer: Frauke Eversmann
Developer: Ooidesign